Banjaran Communications symbolises the journey that every individual, organization experiences in evolution from a single to the whole and from the whole to universal expansiveness that creates a distinctiveness.


Banjaran Communications was a flash of inspiration that dazzled the founder amidst the chaos of the universe. Inspired from a dimension beyond the reality, Banjaran Communications symbolises the journey that every individual, organization experiences in evolution from a single to the whole and from the whole to universal expansiveness that creates distinctiveness.

Well, the Crow must have fascinated your mind. A bird, which often goes unnoticed is our inspiration because we believe it is the most mystical and metaphysical bird in the universe. It is intelligent, flexible, adaptable, and fearless and signifies personal transformation. Many consider it to be the keepers of Sacred Law for nothing escapes their keen sight. When we meditate on the crow and align with it, we are instilled with the wisdom to know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking & laws. We are taught to appreciate the many dimensions of both reality & ourselves, and to learn to trust our intuition and personal integrity.

A Crow is a true communicator and if you look deep, you will realize it communicates much beyond what you can understand. This is precisely what we do at Banjaran Communications…we communicate intelligently to express the unexpressed and say and unsaid. Try us, you will not regret!!!

We love to align with Nature, Journey & the Cosmos to source 'wow' communication solutions for our customers.


  • Brand you, your organization, products, services & offerings
  • Design your Identity
  • Build & manage your website & intranet
  • Engage your stakeholders through videos & audios
  • Manage your Social Media
  • PR You
  • Launch your brand, product or service
  • Write for you
  • Engage your stakeholders: Employees, Leaders, Customers, Society, Associations and Bodies
  • Present you a communication strategy which is inclusive, comprehensive, robust, scalable and sustainable
  • End-to-end internal communication intervention programs and designs
  • Out-of-the-box concepts and proposal of unique technology tools to engage varied audience
  • Digital media strategy to leave a visual & intelligent mark
  • Design concepts to make you stand out in the maze of communication
  • Personal branding strategy to create your much-desired brand as a professional or human
  • Stakeholder engagement to retain business, manage brand perception and create mind space

Internal Communication

Internal Communication Strategy, Leadership Branding, Intranet...

Corporate Identity Creation

Logo, Letter Heads, Folders, Vcards, Brand Book, Corporate Film...

Digital Media

Digital Media Strategy and Management..

Content Management

Content Writing for Collaterals...

Web Creation

Website Design and Management

Personal Branding

Branding strategy, Messaging....

Core Gang Members

Our gang of experts possess decades of experience in strategic communication, branding, audio, video, writing and designing experience across various industries. We consider ourselves spiritually oriented professionals who have entered into a synergy to deliver solutions customized to your need, industry and stakeholders.


The Brain Behind the Brand

A spiritual maverick, Anand’s thoughts and concepts on...


The Transformist

Rajat is a transformist, passionate about facilitating...


Harsha the Mystic

The quintessential doer, the manic optimist...


The Web Man

An MCA couldn’t satisfy his urge for knowledge and he...


The Design Freak

Sachin will not budge till he feels the visuals...


The Shooter

He shoots anything that is moving and...


The Monk

A philosopher at heart and a monk by...

Pallavi & Tarkesh

Spiritual Anchors

Inspiration is the food that we feed on and...

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